Our timbers are sprayed lightly with water before photographing them.  This is to show the natural figure and depth of colour of the timber.

The Ringed Gidgee

Ringed Gidgee is a unique and rare Australian hardwood.  This difficult to find timber is highly sought after by  knife makers.  It is known for its depth of colour, beautiful figure and extreme hardness. Gidgee is classified as the 3rd hardest wood in the world, according to The Wood Data Base, making it an excellent knife making timber.

Our Ringed Gidgee is sourced from an outback Queensland property, Nickavilla.  The trees that we use from this historic property have been dead for many years.  The timber is very dry and perfect for a variety of uses. Each piece is cut to maximise its beauty.

About Ringed Gidgee

The Ringed Gidgee is a member of the Acacia family (same family as Koa). It grows in arid regions of Australia resulting in dense hard wood like Desert Ironwood.

The gidgee thrives in challenging terrains. Both provide nutrients and protection, thus fostering a mini ecosystem in and around them. The slow-growing gidgee may hang on for hundreds of years and produces one of Australia’s hardest and most durable timbers.



Australian Buloke

This timber is Janke rated as the hardest timber in the world, 5060 lbf.  We are selling only very dry and highly figured blocks and scales.  We have sourced this timber from dead trees and it has a moisture content of approximately 7%.



Budgeroo is an Australian Hardwood that is no longer available to commercial timber merchants. It is considered to be one of Australia's most beautifully grained timbers.  We source our timber from the Duaringa district in Central Queensland.  In this area, Budgeroo has been used as a fencing material and is known for it's longevity. We have harvested it from the root burls of long dead trees and only use pieces that show spectacular figure.  It finishes well and takes a high polish.  Our blocks and scales are sprayed lightly with water for photographing.



"...looks like High Grade Koa and feels like Desert Ironwood.
In my opinion Ringed Gidgee is the Ultimate Knife Handle wood.”

- Burl Source, 2011